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We endeavour to strive for complete accuracy in faithfulness to original editions. Sometimes in first print runs, small errors occur. A list of these errors can be found on this page.

Also, printing these books has uncovered a small number mistakes in the original books. We have noted errors we believe to occur in the first editions. [1]

We are grateful to readers who let us know of any possible errors. You may use the Contact form here. This enables us to correct content for future print runs.

Answers I volume II

SCA-865 (Page 979-, 3rd sentence) “I am not the Supreme, but I know a little more that you: Read: “I am not the Supreme, but I know a little more than you” (via Aparajita)

Answers IV

#39 – p.26 and p.27 The question from Mr George Liddell “Listen…. ” should be one paragraph (and all italics) rather than split into two

Ancedotes & Recollections II #24

LS-34 “I made arrangements for him to have an interview with _Mother India._” Read “I made arrangements for him to have an interview with Mother India.”

p.19 SLT-22 “Pope John Paul II, we did’t take any chances.” Read “Pope John Paul II, we didn’t take any chances.”

p.65 SLT-81 “I said to All” Read “I said to Alo”

p. 107 SLT-139 para 3. …why we got a flat tire. Read why we got a flat tire.” (from Suswara)

Poetry III (Twenty seven thousand Aspiration-Plants)

Errata from the first print run of Poetry III

Poetry IV

ST-10046 – line 3 “But, O seeker, live in the hart,” Read: “But, O seeker, live in the heart,” (via Suswara)

ST-10578 line 1 “My hears shall live from now on” Read: “My heart shall live from now on” (via Suswara)

ST-10595 line 1 “When be became” Read: ” When he became” (via Teekshanam)

ST-10618 line 3 “Insider your mind’s impurity-storm.” Read: “Inside your mind’s impurity-storm.” (via Teekshanam)

ST-10757 line 3 >> If false Read Is false. (via Teekshanam)

ST – 14552  2nd verse Remove (via Teekshanam)

ST-26704 – line 4 “With remain a far cry.” Read: “Will remain a far cry.” (via Manjula)

ST-40317 line 5: Prayer and soulful Read: Prayerful and soulful [1] via Anahata

st-40357  line 1: Gods expects every day Read: God expects every day [1] via Anahata

Answers III

FW-31 – para 1. “To allow ourselves to he absent-minded” Should read: “To allow ourselves to be absent-minded”

FW-101 para 1 Should read: it does help. Only at rare places (via Vallabha)

FW 199 – para 4. “to see God. inside divinity” Should read: “to see God. Inside divinity” (Via Amburoha)

FW-233 – para 3, line 5 “we don t need anything else.” Should read: “we don’t need anything else.” (Via Amburoha)

FW-237. “we use our physical mind our earthbound mind.”  Should read: “we use our physical mind, our earthbound mind.” (via Suswara)

FW-242 – line 13 “what it has already achieved, That” Should read: “what it has already achieved. That” (Via Amburoha)

FW-352 – line 6 “spiritual talks. and I have” Should read: “spiritual talks and I have” (via Vallabha)

FW-357 line 3 “seekers in my boat. and God wants you” Should read: “seekers in my boat, and God wants you”(Via Amburoha)

FW-358 Qu.  “your goals will he achieved?” Should read: “your goals will be achieved?” (Via Amburoha)

FW-434 para 2, line 9 “each idea is full of light Then” Should read: “each idea is full of light. Then”  (Via Amburoha)

Anecdotes I

RB-155 “But If I say no,” should read “But if I say no,”  (Via Vallabha)

RB-186  “A little boy came up to me and. He” Should read: “A little boy came up to me. He”

RB-205 para 2 “The other day Lorne look me” Should read: The other day Lorne took me” (via Vallabha)

RB-563 “What a difference between the days when ran” Should read: What a difference between the days when I ran”

RB-756: “I had told in that I liked…” Should read: “I had told him that I liked…”

RB-757: “Kim Cavanough calles me “Guru ”  Should read: “”Kim Cavanough calles me “Guru.”

Stories I

GIM-166 para 4 “I love the untouchables. for they. Should read: “I love the untouchables, for they.”

GIM-177  “He stood in front of a mirror and started with the front The front came out well” Should read: He stood in front of a mirror and started with the front. The front came out well. (via Vallabha)

Stories II

MRC-72 (p.158) “as she saw him extend his hand to help her out. immediately the old man” Should read: as she saw him extend his hand to help her out. Immediately the old man (via Suswara)

MRC-82 (para 9) “terrible disgrace to the family” Should read: “terrible disgrace to the family.”


EA-5 (para, 7) “We are honouring him, true” Should read: “We are honouring Him, true” (via Anahata)

EA-36 last line should read “concern-heart, serving life-breath and illumining soul-beauty.”

EA-39 “O Master, I will do it. but please give me some time.  Should read: O Master, I will do it, but please give me some time.  (Vallabha)

Poetry I

DL-418   Title – 418. “He is blind and he is not blind” Should read:  “He is blind and He is not blind”

DL-677 line 8 “Of` achievement”, Should read: “Of achievement”, (Anahata)

Poetry II

FF-9039 line 8 “Only to began its immediate descent.” Should read: “Only to begin its immediate descent.”

Plays I

DB2, Act 1, scene 1 (p446) “Brahma, Vishnu, Siva! deign to alight”Should read: “Brahma, Vishnu, Siva! Deign to alight”

DB3. Act1, Scene 2 (p449) “Babu, Babu! cholera has broken out” Should read: “Babu, Babu! Cholera has broken out”

DB3. Act1, Scene 2 (p450) “Alas! him to call an atheist” Should read: “Alas! Him to call an atheist”
“O Light of the blind! your pardon” –> “O Light of the blind! Your pardon”

DB13. Act11, Scene 4 (p465) “Augustest! dearest! whom no thought can trace” Should read: “Augustest! Dearest! Whom no thought can trace”
“Mother! like Heaven’s great face” Should read: “Mother! Like Heaven’s great face”

DB18 Act 3, Scene 1 (p473) “My Auro! Auro all world-pain in flood” Should read: “My Auro! Auro! All world-pain in flood”
“Alas! to feed my longings high” –> “Alas! To feed my longings high”

Plays II

MK-26  “/ My Form I have known, and realised,/”  Should read: –> “My Form I have known, and realised,” (via Suswara)

MK-9 “…and we offer your our blessingful pride” Should read: -> “…and we offer you our blessingful pride”(via Suswara)

MK – 10 “SUNITY” Should read: “SUNITI”. On p258 and p259. (via Suswara)

SU – 43. Scene 9. p433 (bottom). UPAMANYIU -> UPAMANYU (via Suswara)

SU29. SCENE5. p411. “signals Harish Chandra. in his hands…” Should read -> “signals Harish Chandra. In his hands…” (via Suswara)

SU30. SCENE6. p413. My son, without fail I shall come and play with you, Should read -> play with you. (via Suswara)

Poetry VI Service-Trees

ST-29940  Incorrect: sacoldings – Correct: scoldings (Note: Mistype with original first edition)

Errata Archive

List of errata fixed for future printings:

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