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We endeavour to strive for complete accuracy in faithfulness to original editions. Sometimes in first print runs, small errors occur. A list of these errors can be found on this page.

Also, printing these books has uncovered a small number mistakes in the original books. We have noted errors we believe to occur in the first editions. [1]

We are grateful to readers who let us know of any possible errors. You may use the Contact form here. This enables us to correct content for future print runs.

Poetry III (Twenty seven thousand Aspiration-Plants)

Errata from the first print run of Poetry III

Poetry IV

ST-26704 – line 4 “With remain a far cry.” Read: “Will remain a far cry.” (via Manjula)

ST-10046 – line 3 “But, O seeker, live in the hart,” Read: “But, O seeker, live in the heart,”

ST-10578 line 1 “My hears shall live from now on” Read: “My heart shall live from now on”

ST-40317 line 5: Prayer and soulful Read: Prayerful and soulful [1] via Anahata

st-40357  line 1: Gods expects every day Read: God expects every day [1] via Anahata

Answers III

FW-31 – para 1. “To allow ourselves to he absent-minded” Should read: “To allow ourselves to be absent-minded”

FW-101 para 1 Should read: it does help. Only at rare places (via Vallabha)

FW 199 – para 4. “to see God. inside divinity” Should read: “to see God. Inside divinity” (Via Amburoha)

FW-233 – para 3, line 5 “we don t need anything else.” Should read: “we don’t need anything else.” (Via Amburoha)

FW-237. “we use our physical mind our earthbound mind.”  Should read: “we use our physical mind, our earthbound mind.” (via Suswara)

FW-242 – line 13 “what it has already achieved, That” Should read: “what it has already achieved. That” (Via Amburoha)

FW-357 line 3 “seekers in my boat. and God wants you” Should read: “seekers in my boat, and God wants you”(Via Amburoha)

FW-358 Qu.  “your goals will he achieved?” Should read: “your goals will be achieved?” (Via Amburoha)

FW-434 para 2, line 9 “each idea is full of light Then” Should read: “each idea is full of light. Then”  (Via Amburoha)

Anecdotes I

RB-155 “But If I say no,” should read “But if I say no,”  (Via Vallabha)

RB-186  “A little boy came up to me and. He” Should read: “A little boy came up to me. He”

RB-205 para 2 “The other day Lorne look me” Should read: The other day Lorne took me” (via Vallabha)

RB-563 “What a difference between the days when ran” Should read: What a difference between the days when I ran”

RB-756: “I had told in that I liked…” Should read: “I had told him that I liked…”

RB-757: “Kim Cavanough calles me “Guru ”  Should read: “”Kim Cavanough calles me “Guru.”

Stories I

GIM-166 para 4 “I love the untouchables. for they. Should read: “I love the untouchables, for they.”

GIM-177  “He stood in front of a mirror and started with the front The front came out well” Should read: He stood in front of a mirror and started with the front. The front came out well. (via Vallabha)

Stories II

MRC-72 (p.158) “as she saw him extend his hand to help her out. immediately the old man” Should read: as she saw him extend his hand to help her out. Immediately the old man (via Suswara)

MRC-82 (para 9) “terrible disgrace to the family” Should read: “terrible disgrace to the family.”


EA-5 (para, 7) “We are honouring him, true” Should read: “We are honouring Him, true” (via Anahata)

EA-36 last line should read “concern-heart, serving life-breath and illumining soul-beauty.”

EA-39 “O Master, I will do it. but please give me some time.  Should read: O Master, I will do it, but please give me some time.  (Vallabha)

Poetry I

DL-418   Title – 418. “He is blind and he is not blind” Should read:  “He is blind and He is not blind”

DL-677 line 8 “Of` achievement”, Should read: “Of achievement”, (Anahata)

Poetry II

FF-9039 line 8 “Only to began its immediate descent.” Should read: “Only to begin its immediate descent.”

Plays I

DB2, Act 1, scene 1 (p446) “Brahma, Vishnu, Siva! deign to alight”Should read: “Brahma, Vishnu, Siva! Deign to alight”

DB3. Act1, Scene 2 (p449) “Babu, Babu! cholera has broken out” Should read: “Babu, Babu! Cholera has broken out”

DB3. Act1, Scene 2 (p450) “Alas! him to call an atheist” Should read: “Alas! Him to call an atheist”
“O Light of the blind! your pardon” –> “O Light of the blind! Your pardon”

DB13. Act11, Scene 4 (p465) “Augustest! dearest! whom no thought can trace” Should read: “Augustest! Dearest! Whom no thought can trace”
“Mother! like Heaven’s great face” Should read: “Mother! Like Heaven’s great face”

DB18 Act 3, Scene 1 (p473) “My Auro! Auro all world-pain in flood” Should read: “My Auro! Auro! All world-pain in flood”
“Alas! to feed my longings high” –> “Alas! To feed my longings high”

Plays II

MK-26  “/ My Form I have known, and realised,/”  Should read: –> “My Form I have known, and realised,” (via Suswara)

MK-9 “…and we offer your our blessingful pride” Should read: -> “…and we offer you our blessingful pride”(via Suswara)

MK – 10 “SUNITY” Should read: “SUNITI”. On p258 and p259. (via Suswara)

SU – 43. Scene 9. p433 (bottom). UPAMANYIU -> UPAMANYU (via Suswara)

SU29. SCENE5. p411. “signals Harish Chandra. in his hands…” Should read -> “signals Harish Chandra. In his hands…” (via Suswara)

SU30. SCENE6. p413. My son, without fail I shall come and play with you, Should read -> play with you. (via Suswara)

Poetry VI Service-Trees

ST-29940  Incorrect: sacoldings – Correct: scoldings (Note: Mistype with original first edition)

Errata Archive

List of errata fixed for future printings:

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