Flame Waves II errata

FW-31 – para 1. “To allow ourselves to he absent-minded” Should read: “To allow ourselves to be absent-minded”

FW-101 para 1 Should read: it does help. Only at rare places (via Vallabha)

FW 199 – para 4. “to see God. inside divinity” Should read: “to see God. Inside divinity” (Via Amburoha)

FW-233 – para 3, line 5 “we don t need anything else.” Should read: “we don’t need anything else.” (Via Amburoha)

FW-237. “we use our physical mind our earthbound mind.”  Should read: “we use our physical mind, our earthbound mind.” (via Suswara)

FW-242 – line 13 “what it has already achieved, That” Should read: “what it has already achieved. That” (Via Amburoha)

FW-352 – line 6 “spiritual talks. and I have” Should read: “spiritual talks and I have” (via Vallabha)

FW-357 line 3 “seekers in my boat. and God wants you” Should read: “seekers in my boat, and God wants you”(Via Amburoha)

FW-358 Qu.  “your goals will he achieved?” Should read: “your goals will be achieved?” (Via Amburoha)

FW-434 para 2, line 9 “each idea is full of light Then” Should read: “each idea is full of light. Then”  (Via Amburoha)