Errata archive 2021 and 22

Everest Aspiration –

– fixed 2 April 2021

EA-5 (para, 7) “We are honouring him, true” Should read: “We are honouring Him, true” (via Anahata)

EA-36 last line should read “concern-heart, serving life-breath and illumining soul-beauty.”

EA-39 “O Master, I will do it. but please give me some time.  Should read: O Master, I will do it, but please give me some time.  (Vallabha)

EA-47 Missing word “Obedience” at start of talk. Read: Obedience. I need obedience;

United Nations I

p.108 tnh-19 inner and outer chance. Read inner and outer choice. (via Suswara)

p.232 rd-25.  “On the physical plane, emotion and the very outset Read “On the physical plane, emotion at the very (via Suswara)

Answers IV

#39 – p.26 and p.27 The question from Mr George Liddell “Listen…. ” should be one paragraph (and all italics) rather than split into two

ECH_1. P.47 #65. Should read: It starts with concentration, then meditation.

ECH part 3 – 286 (page 293): It reads Sri Chinmoy: Sri Chinmoy: (remove extra Sri Chinmoy) (via Suswara)

ECH-392, p 39§ 2nd paragraph needs to be italics, part of question (via Suswara)

ECH-411 We have to separate them, For that, Read We have to separate them. For that, (via Suswara)

ECH-407 p.437 ( top line): Vivakananda -> Vivekananda

ECH-444 (p.450) 2nd paragraph should be in italics. Linebreak before /Sri Chinmoy:/

Answers V

DR-24 p. 210 “simple. easily” Correct “simple. Easily”

CA-22  para 1. ” inside each member. of our family” correct “inside each member of our family” (via Vallabha)

CA-84 “the human kingdom, Now”  read: “the human kingdom. Now” (via Vallabha)

ASB-61 “a messenger boy or am ordinary clerk Read:  a messenger boy or an ordinary clerk (via Vallabha)

SCP:14 “he can contribute to society But if the aspirant” Read “he can contribute to society. But if the aspirant”

p545, p548, p549 square box to be removed.

Answers I volume II

Fixed 6 Nov 2022

SCA-865 (Page 979-, 3rd sentence) “I am not the Supreme, but I know a little more that you: Read: “I am not the Supreme, but I know a little more than you” (via Aparajita)

SCA-781 …weights. especially  Read …weights. Especially  (via Vallabha)

SCA-966 2nd para Add full stop “we reach our goal.” (via Vallabha)

SCA-1142, last paragraph “I am not restless, But in those days” Correct ” I am not restless, but in those days” (via Vallabha)