Poetry IV – errata archive

Tome 1

ST-1233 line 2 “Deadens my heart.” Read “Deepens my heart.” (not uploaded on Ingram yet)

tome 2

ST-8790 “N on-attachment.” Read “Non-attachment”

ST-10046 – line 3 “But, O seeker, live in the hart,” Read: “But, O seeker, live in the heart,” (via Suswara)

ST-10177  First version sent to printers was: There is only joy and fulfilment / In / The heart of equality. Main Printed version was – There is joy and fulfilment / Only in the heart  / Of equality.

ST-10578 line 1 “My hears shall live from now on” Read: “My heart shall live from now on” (via Suswara)

ST-10595 line 1 “When be became” Read: ” When he became” (via Teekshanam)

ST-10618 line 3 “Insider your mind’s impurity-storm.” Read: “Inside your mind’s impurity-storm.” (via Teekshanam)

ST-10757 line 3 >> If false Read Is false. (via Teekshanam)

ST-11665 line 3 >> O a purity-heart Read: Of a purity-heart

ST-12916 line 3 “The sooner I become” Read “The sooner I become a”

Tome 3 (part 15 to 21)

ST – 14552  2nd verse Remove (via Teekshanam)

ST- 17605 “It you want” READ – “If you want” (via Manjula)

ST – 17720 line 2 “Mymorning-joy-meditation” Read “My morning-joy-meditation” (via  Jelena)

ST- 17867 2nd line remove ‘my’

Tome 4 (part 22 to 28)

ST-24191 To write my resumེ. Read: To write my resume

ST-24653 “God goes not accept” Read: “God does not accept” (Via Stacey Marsh)

ST-26704 – line 4 “With remain a far cry.” Read: “Will remain a far cry.” (via Manjula)

ST-29940  Incorrect: sacoldings – Correct: scoldings (Note: Mistype with original first edition)

ST-40317 line 5: Prayer and soulful Read: Prayerful and soulful [1] via Anahata

st-40357  line 1: Gods expects every day Read: God expects every day [1] via Anahata (not uploaded tome 6 yet 4 Jul 2022)

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Tome 5 – July 5, 2020

Tome 4 – July 5, 2020

Tome 3 – July 5, 2020