Poetry III – errata

Poetry III (Twenty seven thousand Aspiration-Plants)

AP 1149. line 3 “Is up to you to accept them” Read: “It is up to you to accept them” (via Jitendra)

AP 1233 line 4 “and world-insecurity,” Read: “and world-insecurity.” (via Hladini) change to first edition.

AP-1596 line 6 In your own Way.” Read: “In your own Way.” (via Hladini)

AP 1622 line 4 “Win never be able to frighten him Read: Will never be able to frighten him” (via Jitendra)

AP 1626 line 1 “Tell me, my friend” Read: Tell me, my friend.” (via Hladini)

AP 1659 line 7 “wisdom light” Read: “wisdom-light” (via Hladini)

AP 1695 line 3 “God’s cosmic Fulness-Game.” Read: “In God’s cosmic Fulness-Game.” (via Jitendra)

AP 1596 line 6 “In your own Way” Read: “In Your own Way” (via Hladini)

AP 1799 line 3 “From his road.” Read: From His road.” (via Hladini)

AP 1907 line 3 “Is the beginning of destruction” Read: “Is the beginning of destruction.”

AP-1952 line 1 “Preciously you prayed” read: “Previously you prayed”

AP-2027 line 4 “That is forceful to be” Read: “That is forced to be”

AP-2048 line 1 “If you heart and mind” Read: “If your heart and mind (via Vilas)

AP 2317. Probably mistype in original first edition. [1] (via Sundar) Should read:

In our outer life | We want victory in everything | To make us happy.
In our inner life | We want our ego’s failure | To make us happy.

AP-2325. Your heart’s silence command” Read: Your heart’s silence-command,” (via Hladini)

AP-3334 “Then learn God’s familiar song first” Read: Then learn God’s familiar song first – (via Hladini)

AP-3393 “Discrimination, discrimination” Read: “Discrimination, discrimination -” (via Hladini)

AP-3488 “The arrival off futility.” Read: The arrival of futility.” (via Hladini)

AP-3921 line 5 “God’s heart. Read: “God’s heart.”

AP-4443. Probably mistype in original first edition. [1] Should read:

As God’s Face | And His Grace | Are inseparable,
Even so I want my heart | And my heart’s cry | To be inseparable.

AP-4498 line 2 – This what your heart needs. Read: This is what your heart needs. (Via Priyadarshan)

AP-4499 line 1 “Your aspiration life” Read: “Your aspiration-life”

AP 4890 line 3 “Has brought down God” Read: Has brought down God,”

AP-4922 line 2: That He will meet your needs Read: That He will meet your needs. (via Hladini)

AP-5160 line 2: comma after race (via Hladini)

AP 5414, line 3: God’s (add apostrophe) (via Hladini)

AP 5919, line 4: period after Unknowable. (via Hladini)

AP 6111, line 4: period at end (via Hladini)

AP 6133, line 5: period at end (via Hladini)

AP 6522 line 5 “An who He is.” Read: “And who He is.”

AP-6967 line 2 “Win someday be transformed” Read: “Will someday be transformed” (via Sundar)

AP-7110 line 4 “An my day-after-tomorrow’s” Read: “An my day-after-tomorrow’s” (via Sundar)

AP 7346 line 7 “An it succeeds” Read: “And it succeeds”(via Hladini)

AP 8078 line 1 “A God lover” Read A God-lover” (via Hladini)

AP 8079 line 1 “The desire life” Read: “The desire-life”(via Hladini)

AP 8114 line 1 “The mind’ s” Read “The mind’s” (via Hladini)

AP 8212 line 4 “Not, not even God!” Read “No, not even God!” (via Hladini)

AP-9447 line 4 “God the blossoming Peace end Joy” Read: “God the blossoming Peace and Joy” (via Sundar)

AP-10680 line 2: Shopping mall of confusion Read: Shopping mall of confusion,

AP-10862 line 4,5 In the name of God| The Transcendental Victor Read
In the name of God, | The Transcendental Victor,

AP-11440 line 5 “Bu you have also” Read: “But you have also” (via Hladini)

AP-11775 line 2 “Your hearts” read: “Your heart’s”

AP-12140 line 1: To my extreme sorrow Read: To my extreme sorrow,

AP-12222 line 5 An ultra distance runner Read An ultra-distance runner

AP 12639 line 1 mind s resentment Read mind’s resentment, (via Hladini)

AP 12973 line 2 yon Read you (via Hladini)

AP-13018 line 4 “Hie Heart’s fruitful Prosperity Read: His Heart’s fruitful Prosperity (via Sundar)

AP 13121 line 3 To God s Read To God’s (via Hladini)

AP-13560 line 2 “Yon will see how easy it is Read: You will see how easy it is” (Via Adam)

AP-16857 line 2 “Even so, there are my other” Read: “Even so, there are my other” (via Sundar)

AP-17397 line 1 “Hon do I serve God? Read: How do I serve God?” (via Sundar)

AP-20418  line 1: change you to your (via Hladini)

AP-21117 line 1: O human mind, do tell me Read: O human mind, do tell me,

AP-23073 line 3: singing God-songs Read: singing God-Songs

AP-23410 line 3: In His Silence-room. Read In His Silence-Room.

AP-24001, line 3: comma after very own Read: Is to claim the path as one’s own, very own,

AP-20496, line 1: lower case you (ed.) Read: I believe in you, O my soul