Talks & Essays III

Talks and Essays Volume III includes eighteen very significant titles offerings enlightening answers to a vast array of spiritual questions. These books offer a comprehensive introduction to the spiritual philosophy of Sri Chinmoy. It includes classics such as Songs of the Soul and Eternity’s Breath


  1. Songs of the Soul
  2. My Ivy League Leaves
  3. Eternity’s Breath
  4. America in her depths
  5. Aspiration-Plants
  6. Cry within, yours is the Goal
  7. A hundred years from now
  8. Illumination-fruits
  9. My Maple Tree
  10. Purity: divinity’s little sister
  11. Surrender’s unlimited power
  12. Three strangling sisters: fear, jealousy and insecurity
  13. The Vision of God’s Dawn
  14. Two divine instruments: Master and disciple
  15. The inner hunger
  16. The soul’s journey
  17. Surrender and realisation
  18. Warriors of the inner world

pages: 762

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  • Complete Works of Sri Chinmoy #42
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