Poetry VIII

Thirty-two poetry books including

  • My first friendship with the muse
  • The seeker’s universe
  • From the Source to the Source
  • A soulful cry versus a fruitful smile
  • Silence speaks, part 1-9
  • My silence-heart blossoms (Jan-Feb, March-April, May-June)
  • Sail my heartbeat sail, part 1-2
  • God’s Glance and God’s Grace
  • Two thirsty eyes
  • My religion
  • My spirituality
  • The New Millennium
  • My prayer-life my meditation-heart
  • Age does not matter
  • Fifty oneness-heart-songs of a perfect God and a perfect child
  • The caged bird and the uncaged bird
  • I am my life’s God-Hunger heart, part 1-4
  • Today

672 pages