Plays – Volume I and II

Plays I

  • Works of Sri Chinmoy #13
  • Page Count:690


  • My Rama is my all
  • The Singer of the eternal Beyond
  • Siddhartha becomes the Buddha
  • The Son
  • Lord Gauranga: Love incarnate
  • Drink, drink, my Mother’s Nectar
  • The Descent of the Blue
  • Matsyendranath and Gorakshanath: two spiritual lions

Plays II

  • Works of Sri Chinmoy #23
  • Page Count:672


  •  The disciple illumines the Master
  •  The heart of a holy man
  •  Mother, give me the Light of Knowledge
  •  Supreme sacrifice
  •  The sacred fire
  •  Deshabandhu: Bengal’s beloved friend
  •  Chanda and Tandra

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