Aphorisms I

Aphorisms I is a collection of twenty-two books of aphorisms by Sri Chinmoy. These short instructional writings are of profound help and guidance to a spiritual seeker. They include some of Sri Chinmoy’s earliest writings and his first book published in the West – “Meditations: food for the soul”.

Pages: 758

Book list

  • Meditations: food for the soul
  • Flame-Goal. Daily meditations
  • Arise! Awake! Thoughts of a yogi
  • You and I are God
  • Four hundred Gratitude-Flower-Hearts
  • Aurora-Flora
  • God wants to read this book
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Colour Kingdom
  • God’s Hour
  • You
  • Something, somehow, somewhere, someday
  • Fortune-philosophy
  • The Liberty Torch
  • Four hundred Gratitude-Flower-Hearts
  • Fifty-four morning prayer-cries and morning meditation-smiles
  • Compassion-sea and satisfaction-waves
  • I have a beautiful smile, I am a soulful cry
  • My God-obedience
  • To-morrow’s noon
  • To-morrow’s dawn
  • God’s Magnet-Eye