Answers VII

Sri Chinmoy: Answers VII gathers in one tome, 18 previously published books. They include a range of spiritual questions and illuminating answers by spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy.

Answers VII

Title list:

  1. Eternity’s soul-bird
  2. I am telling you a great secret: you are a fantastic Dream of God
  3. A galaxy of beauty’s stars
  4. A God-lover’s earth-Heaven-life
  5. Consciousness: God-Journey to man, man-journey to God
  6. God-Life: is it a far cry?
  7. The hunger of darkness and the feast of light
  8. I love my country: purity’s body
  9. I need my country: beauty’s soul
  10. Transformation-night, Immortality-Dawn
  11. Aspiration-Tree
  12. Creation and perfection
  13. Dipti Nivas
  14. Father’s Day: Father with his European children
  15. My heart’s salutation to Australia
  16. Justice-light and satisfaction-delight
  17. Perseverance and aspiration
  18. Self-discovery and world-mastery
234mm x 156mm

Black & White: Creme

Hardback: Digital Clothâ„¢ Cover – Blue

Page count 680