Stories III

These illuminating spiritual stories by Sri Chinmoy give a unique insight into the spiritual life and the relationship between Guru and disciple. The books include:

stories iii


  1. Love realised, surrender fulfilled, oneness manifested
  2. Sympathy is still alive
  3. In search of a perfect disciple
  4. The ascent and descent of the disciples
  5. Entertainment versus enlightenment
  6. The ambition-deer
  7. The astral journey
  8. Gopal’s eternal brother and other stories for children
  9. God’s new Philosophy
  10. Is God really partial?
  11. A galaxy of saints
  12. Gratitude-sky and ingratitude-sea
  13. Lightless soldiers fail
  14. The Master’s self-appointed emissary
  15. The Master surrenders
  16. One lives, one dies
  17. Why the Masters don’t mix
  18. A yogi’s justice, an Avatar’s Justice and God’s Justice

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